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KDS Flymentor 3D Balancer for RC 450/500 Helicopter

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That correct for choosing KDS Flymentor 3D, it's a high performance intelligent device. The Flymentor 3D is suitable for beginner, it will enable you to hover the helicopter, and make practicing much easier and less stressful.

KDS Flymentor 3D has following features:
A new type of sensing process provides reliable geographical positioning, completely independent of the visible horizon.

The built-in CCD sensor can catch the ground picture to compare, and prevent the helicopter from drifting. You can adjust the working status of Flymentor by using an AUX Channel. A awitchable gain system offers three different positions: Off, Stabilisation and Position-holding mode.

It also includes programming for heading lock gyro outside setting and Swashplate mixer. You can control the sensitivity and mode of gyro by a GEAR/AUX Channel.

The electronics support helicopters with 3-Servo 120-degree swashplate, or 3-Servo 140-degree swashplate, or 4-Servo 90-degree swashplate and 4-Servo 90-degree+45-degree swash plate.

The system also compensates for attitude stabilisation in inverted flight. You can program the Flymentor by computer USB adapter. If you use FM/PPM radio equipment, Flymentor will make the aileron, elevator and tail servo back immediately as a failsafe. The pitch will remain in the final signal position. And Flymentor will switch to position mode automatically. The sensitivity is 70%.

* Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
* Current: 55mA (under 5V)
* Temperature: 0℃~ +40℃
* Under the stabilisation mode and positioning mode, maximum rotate speed allowed:
* Aileron and Elevator: ≤200°/ s
* Tail turning (if using external gyro): ≤360°/s

Download the KDS Flymentor 3D Manual

Note: To gain the best effect, you should configure your Flymentor according to your own condition, because the working of Flymentor relates to mechanism of helicopter. We suppose you have known your helicopter well(such as movement of swash plate) before using Flyementor 3D, if you are not sure about these, it's recommended to find an veteran to hele you.

Package Content:
1. KDS Flymentor Mixer
2. KDS Flymentor CCD Camera
3. KDS Flymentor 3-Axis Gyro
4. CD with Installation Guide and Software

Frequently  Asked Questions

Q: Can I install it to my helicopter?
A: You can install this flymentor to ANY helicopter, with 6CH or above, and FM/PPM remote.

Q: Is it difficult to install?
A: It is not difficult, but you must have some experience in installing the RX. Detail manual can be downloaded from our site, you can check it before purchase.

Q: How the flymentor auto pilot itself?
A: It has the CCD sensor which keep taking photo and compare the images from time to time. If it found that the images is not same as the previous image, it will adjust the servo and auto correct it for you!

Q: Is it worth to invest this item?
A: Yes, if you like this auto pilot function. It can prevent your helcopter crash and save you lots of $$.

Q: After installing the Windows XP driver and running the Helibal.exe, with the KDS connected in the USB port, the program does not recognize it and show “NO DEVICE”.
A: Please make sure you have connected the battery to your flymentor, otherwise it won't be work. As the flymentor DO NOT take power from the USB port.

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